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Vendetta Precision VP-24 Hand Stop

Image of Vendetta Precision VP-24 Hand Stop

The curve and serrations on the front of the grip allows for two fingers to get a solid purchase, and allow the user to pull the rifle properly into their chest/shoulder. The rear of the grip features a serrated curve similar to our VP-23 Tenaci grip to allow the webbing between the thumb and index finger to rest comfortably when achored to a barricade or shooting rest.
Made in the USA from CNC machined billet aluminum and mil-spec hard anodized, these hand stops are built to last. Using our hybrid hardware and TWO screws instead of one, the VP-24 will solidly mount to any M-Lok or Keymod handguard.

- VP-24 Hybrid Hand Stop
- Hybrid M-lok/Keymod Hardware
- L-Key